Outsource your projects to our Anthesis facility.

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Contract Packaging and Assembly

For over 50 years, Anthesis / PVW has been providing contract packaging and assembly services, such as: packaging, assembly, kitting, labeling, and reworking.  We have over 150 adults with disabilities working in our 30,000 square-foot warehouse trained to proficiently perform these tasks.

While cost savings are often the initial motivating factor for outsourcing jobs to adults with disabilities in our organization, quality services and excellent customer service are the reasons our customers return.

About our Team

Our experienced production team skillfully sets up each project in the most efficient and effective manner, to maximize cost savings.  Quality control standards are established at the start and maintained throughout the production line.  Employees take great pride in their work, using their individual skill sets to perform their myriad of tasks.

So not only do our business partners save money while they receive the highest quality end-product, but they also take pride in supporting both a diverse workforce and the mission of inclusive employment.

Contact us to find out how we can save you time and money with our contract packaging and warehouse assembly jobs.

List of Packaging and Assembly Services

> Business Mailing

> Preparation

> Apparel tagging

> Packaging

> Blister packaging

> Heat sealing

> Bagging

> Collating

> Gift kits

> Re-packaging

> Kitting

> Hand assembly

> Pop Retail

> Displays

> Re-work

> Tagging

> Labeling

> Shrink wrapping

> Die-cutting

> Sorting, and many more!