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Cost-Effective Labor and Job Solutions for Businesses

We take pride in the quality of our work and the value we provide to our business partners.  Our skills training and job coaching means the individuals working on your job are reliable and capable.

What We Do

Our recent work in the hospitality, local government, warehousing, import/export and manufacturing industries includes:

> janitorial

> laundry

> landscaping

> product assembly and testing

> labeling and rework services

> custom packaging

> kitting

> collating, banding, and bundling

How We Work

Our Director of Employment Programs and/or Job Developer will meet with you  in order to understand  your needs and discuss  your  employment goals.   From there, we determine which of our employment solutions is best for you, and help you find the perfect team or individual to fit your needs. It’s that easy!  Call us today to discuss your business needs.