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Business Service Questions

What kind of services do you offer to businesses?

Anthesis provides three services to businesses:

  1. Assembly and packaging work that is provided in our own warehouse and facilities. Read more about this type of work in subcontract jobs.
  2. Direct Employee placement. We will work with your company to find the right person within Anthesis to fulfill your job requirements. Your company will provide the day-to-day management this employee, and our Anthesis career staff will monitor performance through regular manager check-ins.
  3. Supported Employment Services. We will place a small group of employees, with their own Anthesis job coach, to work at your company to fulfill your job requirements. Anthesis’s job coach will manage the team of workers.

Are your services restricted to a geographic area in the US?

No. While we are located in Southern California, our packaging and assembly work can be performed for companies located anywhere in the United States. Our employee placement and Supported Employment Services can be provided within Southern California.

How can I get a quote for packaging and assembly work?

Please call or email our business department to discuss your needs.

Can I talk to someone specifically about what my company needs?

Of course, we would love to speak with you! Please call or email our business department to discuss your business service questions.

Are PVW and Anthesis the same thing?

Yes! In 2017 we changed our name to Anthesis. Since so much has changed since our founding, over 50 years ago, we felt the time was right to transition into a name that reflects the organization we are today. Read more about our Anthesis name change and our focus on the future.

Who do I contact to speak more about PVWs Business Services?

Please call or email our business department to discuss your needs.

How can I be put on a mailing list?

You don’t have to ask us twice. Join our mailing list here.