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Programs and Services for People with Disabilities

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have special needs and considerations.  As a result, managing the unique needs for care can be overwhelming for many families and individuals.  We can help.   We work closely with local resource agencies and families to understand, and be responsive, to these challenges.

Our nurturing and caring staff members at our adult and senior day care facilities provide a safe environment to develop critical life and social skills in a fun and supportive community.

People in our programs also learn new vocational skills from our job training programs for workers with disabilities. Many individuals find employment opportunities through assembly work on outsourced or subcontract jobs or through employee placement programs with our many business partners.

Designed for Individual Success

Most importantly, we take the time to learn about the unique individuals in our programs.  Because of this, we have developed special relationships with every single person we work with.  While it’s our job to provide the programs and services people with disabilities need, our purpose is much greater.

We give people with disabilities the tools and space to blossom into their most beautiful selves.  In addition to their own personal growth, the sense of pride and responsibility they feel, is priceless.

So connect with us today and learn how our programs and services can help you.

Let’s find the perfect program for you or a loved one…

  • Supported Employment Program

    In a nutshell: This is competitive integrated employment working in a variety of businesses in the Inland Empire.

    Perfect for: Individuals committed to working hard and enjoying the benefits of a paycheck.


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  • Transition Program

    In a nutshell: Individualized training in small groups in community settings focused on job readiness and work experience.

    Perfect for: Individuals interested in competitive integrated employment but still needs some training.

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  • Work Activity Program

    In a nutshell: A traditional work program in a safe, clean environment that allows someone to earn a paycheck.

    Perfect for: Individuals with skill and stamina to work but choose to remain on-site rather than the community.

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  • Adult Development Center

    In a nutshell: Designed to provide participants a variety of activities including educational classes, community integration and life skills training.

    Perfect for: Individuals looking for multiple activities and developing additional skills.

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  • ‘Round About Senior Services

    In a nutshell: Created for individuals who wish to “retire” and enjoy the benefits of program that focus on maintaining skills that might be lost in the aging process.

    Perfect for: Individuals who wish to remain active but at a slower pace for their age.

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